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CodeMonitor Gets an Upgrade

CodeMonitor has just been upgraded from beta .3 to beta .5, with some exciting new features.

  • Improved HTML Code Comparison
    Previously CodeMonitor would highlight an entire line of code when a small edit in that line of code had been made. This made it difficult to pinpoint the change made in exceptionally long lines of code. The new version of CodeMonitor will now only highlight the actual code changed, rather than the full line of code, making spotting coding changes that much easier.
  • New Comparison Views
    CodeMonitor now allows you to switch to two new comparison views, along with the standard “code” view.

    1. Text Comparison
      Don’t want to sludge through all that code and only want to see changes made to textual content? Now you can switch to a text-only view which will display just the on-page text and highlight the changes made accordingly.
    2. Web Page Comparison
      We have also added the ability to compare changes made through the eye of a browser. No code, and not just text, but view the page as you see it in your browser, with recent changes highlighted.

Have not yet tried CodeMonitor? You can read more about it or get a CodeMonitor account here.

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