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Content Is Important, But…

Content is important, but if the images you incorporate don’t support your cause you risk loosing your audience. I began thinking about this after I saw a Nicoderm commercial. No, not the hilarious one with the psycho flight attendant. This one has a woman talking about how her hair doesn’t smell like an ashtray anymore. That’s a good thing and she gets the point across, but I have one problem.

She doesn’t look healthy. Maybe it’s just me, but she looks too skinny and kind of pale. She doesn’t look half as cheery as the flight attendant on a bad day. The whole quitting smoking thing is supposed to be for better health, which also interprets better appearance as in less wrinkles, yatta, yatta, yatta.

How I would have done it

I would have picked a better actress for one, maybe someone who didn’t look like an anorexic model who substitutes smoking for eating. Someone with a little more color. Maybe have her smiling instead of looking like she’s about to kill someone for a fix (not sure if that fix would be a cigarette or something else, but I’m not judging).

And where is she? It looks like she’s locked up somewhere, maybe an insane asylum. Hey, maybe she did kill someone for a fix and plead insanity. Do you think we could pull that off and lobby for more money (that never really materializes) from the tobacco companies?

Back to the point! Content is always important, but it can be greatly compromised if the visuals aren’t supporting. I’ve seen some pretty hot smokers, so the competition is rough guys.


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