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Make Sure Your Awesome Content Gets Found – Optimize It!

The importance of content optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization, for you noobs) is less about working keywords into content than it is about ensuring the messaging of the content aligns with the visitors’ needs. Keyword integration is a valuable part of that, but the keywords are more about using the language your audience uses than anything else.

More than anything, though, [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]SEO is about uncovering and fixing website problems that can prevent your awesome content from being found[/inlinetweet] in the first place. In addition to optimizing for keywords, it’s the job of the SEO to find solutions for hidden site architectural issues, navigational problems, site speed issues and usability concerns.

Whether you have hired an SEO consultant, contracted with an agency or are handling SEO in house, you need to invest the resources needed for the SEOs to do their job. SEOs should do regular website checkups, running your site through a number of tools looking for problems. Whether it be linking issues or other roadblocks the search engines might hit, failure to fix these problems will prevent your content from getting the attention it deserves.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]There is no sense creating content only to have it fall on deaf ears or hidden eyes.[/inlinetweet] Great content deserves great optimization. Both are needed for long-term web marketing success.

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