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How Assured Are You of Your Content?

provide content that assures

One of the most critically important functions of your website’s content is to provide visitors with whatever assurances they need to become a customer.

The content you read on far too many websites is all built around the sale. That is explaining the product or service and trying to push the visitors through the conversion funnel. But most visitors don’t want to be pushed, they want to be led.

Have you ever tried to teach a dog to come on command? You don’t do it by pushing them around, you do it by assuring them that coming to you will be rewarded.

That’s what assurances in your content do. It doesn’t force the issue. It simply compels visitors to take the actions you want them to take.

There are two sides to every visitor: the logical and the emotional. You speak to the logical part by telling your visitors why they need what you are selling. But you also have to contend with the emotional side, which is looking for a way to rationalize the purchase against all other variables.

Every bit of your content must be created to convince your visitors that your product and your company are their best options. Don’t just meet their need with a product or service, show them how your product will solve their problems.

When you focus only on the logical aspects, if the product fails to meet the visitor’s needs exactly, the sale is lost. And to be sure, almost every product fails to do that in some way. But by focusing on the assurances, you can turn a product that is an imperfect fit logically into a perfect fit emotionally. And that, more than anything else, closes the deal.

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