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Cookie Cutter SEO

The methodologies of Search Engine Optimization are by definition highly dependent on the current technologies of the search engines themselves. Early approaches to Search Engine Optimization were quite simple and reflected the simplicity of early search technology. Cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all approaches were developed by SEO’s to improve optimization turnaround and productivity. These approaches were highly successful and quickly become the industry norm.

Enter the next generation of search technologies pioneered by search titan Google Inc. and the cookie-cutter approach begins to fall apart. Over the last year the vast majority of ?standard? SEO techniques in use became obsolete (For example: keyword density ratio, which has been at the heart of a great many SEO campaigns, is now of almost no value in regards to optimization efforts.). The search engines have upgraded and so now must the optimization process–a logical position that should be the rally cry of all SEO’s. Unfortunately a significant number of SEO firms choose to ignore the problem of advancing search technology altogether, much to the detriment of their clients.

The latest search technologies present a sophistication and complexity that borders on intelligence. With the advent of Behavior Simulation Class technology, the level of sophistication required for building search engine friendly web sites took a sharp climb. Primary search indexes can now view every web site as a unique entity and evaluate it according to its unique attributes. Therefore every web site requires a custom approach to optimization. The cookie cutter approach fails against the highly dynamic search algorithms currently in use by major search engines like Google and MSN.

Pole Position Web has consistently stayed ahead of search engine trends by anticipating major changes in search technology and proactively preparing for them. This is accomplished through a firm commitment to ongoing research, and our clients receive the benefit of that commitment.

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