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Creating a Marketing Focused Website: The Contact Page

Contact Us Page

Every site needs to have a designated contact information page. Even if you have your phone number, email address, fax number and snail mail address on every page of your website, it’s still important to have a full page dedicated to this exact same information. Why? Inevitably there will be people that will simply not notice your large and dominantly displayed phone number and start looking for the contact page.

On top of displaying all your contact information, you should consider putting a contact form on this page as well. Different people have different preferences and its best if you can cover as many of those as possible. You can use the request form to gather some information such as name, company, email and phone information, as well as subscribing them to your newsletter, auto responders, or coupon mailing list. Those who don’t want to fill out the information can utilize the other ways of contacting you, but don’t be too intrusive; otherwise you’ll lose the contact altogether.

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