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Customer Support Gone Right

Everybody in this office knows that I am under a curse. Whenever God wants to punish me he simply forces me to make a tech support call. This is the bane of my existence. I have very little patience and couple that with the inability to understand accents well, tech support is my living hell.

Finally, I had a tech support call gone right!

Over memorial day I had to put in a call to Dell because my laptop batteries were not charging. Normally I get a maze of push button options that eventually dumps me out of the system only to try again, this time using a different keypad combination. But today, I pushed a few menu options and within minutes I was connected to a tech support person. And not just any tech support person, but a knowledgeable one… without an accent!

Within minutes we identified the power cord as the problem and a new cord was delivered to my door Wednesday. The phone call was short, I didn’t have to repeat myself, didn’t have to repeat myself, and neither did they. This was the dream tech support call. Is my curse lifted or was God’s humor on reprieve? I’ll find out when I’m forced to make the next call! (cue ominous music)

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