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Do Your Customers Know Your Mission Statement? They Should.


If your mission statement is important to your company, you should share it with visitors.

Just about every business has a mission. Most of us tend to keep that mission statement internal. We use it at our company meetings and make sure new employees know it, but we fail to communicate that mission to our audience. Why?

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]If your mission is important to your business, isn’t it important to your visitors?[/inlinetweet] Today’s customers are often looking for more than the best price. They are looking to do business with companies they identify with. Your mission statement is a chance to relate to the values of your target audience.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Mission statements tell interested visitors what you believe in and what you wish to achieve [/inlinetweet]through your business. If these value align with their own, you have a greater chance of earning their business. There will always be other factors in play, but the values of a company can be a very strong signal of trust, which is an essential hurdle to earning anyone’s business.

If your mission statement aligns with the visitor’s values, at best you tipped the scales toward earning a customer. Assuming your mission statement isn’t offensive, then at worst you’ve done nothing to convince a potential customer either way. Better to post your mission statement on your about us page and have no one care, than not post it and lose a potential customer because of it.

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