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Dare to Dream… Then Do It

Dare to Dream... Then Do ItDare to Dream… Then Do It
What Successful People Know and Do
Authors: John C. Maxwell
Hardcover: 120 pages, $9.74
Published: April, 2006

I’ve read some of Maxwell’s other books and enjoy them immensely, but was initially disappointed when this one came in the mail. I was looking for something longer and meatier. This isn’t so much of a Maxwell book as a Maxwell compilation. Much of the information is pulled from many of Maxwell’s other books. Though seeing as how I have not read most of his other books, this turned out to be a pretty good read.

The book is broken into nine chapters, with each chapter containing some inspirational stories as well as relevant quotes from famous individuals. Don’t look for anything in-depth, meaty or even ready-to-apply principles here. This is mostly for inspirational purposes only. But if you are in need of a book that gets your creative motor going, Dare to Dream is a good place to start.

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