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Why Digital Marketing Teams are Better than One Man Bands

digital marketing teams
Many companies looking for web marketing aren’t sure whether to hire an individual or a company. One reason you would want more than a one-person web marketing team is because web marketing often requires skill sets that oppose each other. Very few people in life are both creative and technical.

The best web designers are rarely the best web coders. And the best keyword researchers are rarely the best social media marketers. While someone can be good at both, they will rarely be great at both, let alone everything else that comes with digital marketing.

Your website deserves greatness. And while one man can be great, rarely is he as great by himself as he is with an entire army! [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”@StoneyD”]Good digital marketing is built not by having a one or two semi-talented people but by having an elite army[/inlinetweet] building and executing your strategy.

You deserve to have the best social media, the best content, the best on-page optimization, the best visual appeal and the best analytics. And if you can’t afford the best, settle for really, really good. One guy might be talented enough to play multiple instruments at once, but he’ll never be as good as the full band!

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