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The Set-It-But-Don't-Forget-It SEO Strategy

Many people think that SEO is a set-it and forget it endeavor. The theory is that once you optimize the site then there really isn’t much more to do after that. This is something that many penny pinchers like to espouse so they can try to “save money”. Others just don’t like the idea that online marketing is a never ending process. We like to have goals and want to see things through a conclusion.

There are certain SEO strategies that are certainly goal oriented where you can get to a definitive end-point, but SEO as a whole is a constant ongoing process. Just like brushing your teeth, you do it ever day so you can keep yourself out from under the dentist’s drill and not walk around with obvious stank breath.

But SEO also isn’t about changing things for the sake of change. We don’t brush our teeth just for the heck of it. Those who think that you always have to be changing your content, titles, and pages in order to keep it “fresh” for the search engines are pursuing a pot of gold on the other side of a rainbow. The truth about SEO is somewhere in between these two elementary schools of thought.

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