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Don't Get Caught

Here are 5 bad, but unlikely holiday retail SEM scenarios.

  • Strong ROI, lost market share
  • “You run a campaign with wonderful ROI. But the volume you achieved was far less than the volume your competitors gained…”

  • The missing success
  • “You’ve achieved the volume you had hoped for. You may even have driven your competitors into a corner. Congratulations. But while you managed to sell so many products, the products your company’s spent millions promoting this holiday season — the one or two products that were supposed to be Q4’s lifeblood — didn’t do well at all in SEM…”

  • Winning on SEM, losing on viral marketing
  • “You do wonderfully in SEM this holiday shopping season. But your SEM fails to reach the demographic that’s most likely to evangelize your products, and your competition does manage to reach out to that demographic…”

  • Losing on your branded terms
  • “Your top competitors, your bottom competitors, and rogue affiliates are all bidding on your branded keywords. Not only are they stealing clicks away from you (and, in the case of affiliates, charging you for the clicks they’ve stolen); they’re also jacking up the prices on those branded terms…”

  • Strong volume, terrible ROI
  • “You get such phenomenal sales volume that you beat out the competition, hit record sales, and clearly stake your territory as an industry leader. But, to achieve such a tremendous volume, you had to be uncommonly aggressive with your keyword bids…”

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