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Don't Hide All Your Good Sales Material, Another Lesson of Blockbuster Total Access

Update: I wanted to provide a quick update to my last post regarding the Blockbuster Total Access email blunder. I just received another email from them for yet another coupon. But this time they got it right. Look what was sitting in the middle of the email:

Blockbuster Coupon Deal

Blockbuster is getting closer to creating near-perfect customer service. But they are not there yet….

The other day I was looking through my Blockbuster Total Access “My Account” considering upgrading my service. I found this handy little cost comparison chart for all of Blockbuster’s Total Access plans:

Blockbuster Total Access Plans

That’s a great chart but the problem is that it’s only available to existing Blockbuster Total Access customers. (This isn’t entirely true. I did find a round about way to get to it when not logged in, but more on that below.) Understandably Blockbuster is trying to gain customers with their two-free weeks sales hook and have streamlined that process. Two weeks free is cool, but that’s not the only selling point they should be providing. When you’re not logged into your Blockbuster account you see the following banner near the top of the page:

Blockbuster Total Access How it works
(click for larger view)

But that’s about all the explanation of how their services work that you’ll get. Clicking on that banner takes you to this page:

Blockbuster Total Access Signup

I think they are making a mistake here in the persuasion process by not letting people see the various program options. For many, this information can be an important part of the decision making process. Blockbuster provides these options only AFTER you create an account (and are therefore logged in.)

Blockbuster Total Access Chart

They’ve got these two screens backwards. Show me the various programs first and then give me the option to sign up for my free trial!

Hold on. Not so fast. This just in!

You don’t have to sign in to get to this information after all. It is available, but through a round-about way. Next to the free trial banner shown above is an ambiguous text link.

Blockbuster Total Access Free Signup

That link takes you to this screen where you can either sign into your account or create an account like before:

Blockbuster Total Access Sign In

But this page has something else that’s different. An ad for Blockbuster:

Blockbuster Total Access ad

Click on that ad and then you’ll be taken to the page with the chart shown above. It’s kind of a round about way to get to this information. Notice the heading at the top that says this page is for “existing members”. What about newbies?

Is this information not important? Or is the more streamlined sign-up-for-the-free-two-weeks-only approach the right one? My personal preference is the former and while all may not agree, many will. Which is why the approach to marketing must try to satisfy all types users equally.

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