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Door-to-Door Sales… Unsolicited and in Your Face at Your WorkPlace!

You’re working diligently, when someone abruptly enters your office, introduces themselves, and asks you questions in order to give information that you rather not give. Ahhhh, it’s another unsolicited sales visit to your place of work from that overly-assertive specimen we all know as the door-to-door salesman (don’t feel like being PC at the moment). Is this really an effective marketing tactic? They must get some return, right? I mean after all, we’re consumers too, despite that we happen to be at work at the moment. Besides the fact that most of us despise door-to-door sales tactics, it’s probably more effective at “getting the word out” than we’d like to think. I mean come on, do we really have a choice in “getting this word”?

But you know what, these sales people irritate the crud out of me! I’m in the middle of something and they start introducing themselves and giving a “pitch” that I could care less about. Most of us go through the motions of their entire spiel because it’s in our nature not to be overly rude, anybody seeing the irony in all this?

Door-to-door sales to places of residence is perhaps a whole different animal, but I think soliciting to consumers working at a business should be illegal. If anything it is in the best interest of the business owner and society as a whole, to make policy about such things, as this takes valuable time away from workers, thus causing an economic slowdown that will eventually translate into less buying power for each of our hard-earned dollars (okay maybe I’m exaggerating just a little). I hate the awkwardness these people bring to a room! Any of you had similar experiences at your place of work?

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