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Products Vary But Display Consistency Shouldn’t

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Most ecommerce sites of any significance already use templates to display their products. Ecommerce product templatesĀ help you maintain consistency in how your product information is displayed from one product to the next.

But some sites have a wide range of products that don’t lend so well to using the same template. Nothing wrong with that; product diversity can be a boon to sales. But with that diversity comes new and different types of information to display that may not fit so well in the existing product template.

With that, then, comes the development of a new template for the new products. But what shouldn’t come with that is a radically different template. [Tweet This] Sure, you need to add some new fields, etc, but all products share similar types of information such as price, description, shipping info, add to cart buttons, etc.

The temptation for many developers is to create a template designed solely for these new products, which is a drastic change from the template for the other products. Unfortunately, this type of change in product display can be disorienting for your visitors.

Instead of producing an entirely new template, a better response would be to update your existing template to accommodate the new information. With each product type, only the information specified for the corresponding product is displayed, but this ensures that every new piece of information has its place, keeping overlapping types of product information consistent for all products.

The product information you display should be in the same place on every product page. When pages are not consistent, it forces the shopper to reorient themselves to find information that would otherwise be easy to locate. Which, in turn, makes shopping and buying all that much more difficult.

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