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Email going out of style?

According to Anne Bonaparte, email might fizzle out if people and businesses don’t do anything to help save it. Her reason?

“In the world of IT, e-mail is treated a lot like electricity. We want it to work and not have to worry.”

“But e-mail’s functionality has been devalued by unrelenting abuse in the form of spam, viruses and phishing. We’ve even reached the point where one must ask whether fed-up users are ready to declare ‘lights out’ on e-mail.”

She goes on to say how a recent study showed that respondents correctly identify phishing e-mails 82 percent of the time, while they “correctly identify legitimate e-mails only 52 percent of the time”.

“These findings suggest that e-mail users may be getting better at discovering phishing scam attempts but are even more skeptical about legitimate e-mail.”

Apparently, even online banking has gone downhill just because of the lack of security that some banks have online. Ecommerce is also a victim.

“Banks are seeing this skepticism impact online banking, and retailers are seeing its impact on e-commerce–just when this Web activity was becoming mainstream.”

She kind of ends on a happy-ish note though:

“It is the responsibility of everyone–individuals, private enterprises and government–to preserve e-mail in its most valuable form. If this continues, the light of e-mail will not go out.”

Personally, I use the Hotmail email service and with their spam/junk mail filters and everything, I barely have any problems with my email. So, for me, I’m not worrying. I feel email has woven itself into our lives so much that it most likely won’t disappear anytime soon. At least not until we develop telepathic technology!

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