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A couple of weeks ago I was off searching the huge world of Internet Marketing for something to post about and found an amusing site. I started writing about it but then found a better topic and just saved my notes. Now I’m taking a new look at this topic …

I’m feeling catty today and found this site quite amusing. DotComSecrets.com. The day I first visited them I noted their tag line said “How To Start And Grow Your Online Business…” I wish I’d pulled a screen shot because when I visited the site on Friday, it didn’t look like I remembered. On Friday their tag line reads “Helping Others Start, Build and Promote Their Businesses Online” Not a major difference but something I noted. As I’ll be posting this on Monday, I’m curious to see if it says anything different.

My initial amusement was over “The goal of this site is to give you all the tools and information you need to jumpstart your own home based business on the internet. … It doesn’t matter if you are a “newbie” or an experienced marketer looking to add to your bottom line…you’ll find what you need at DotCom Secrets.” I found it amusing because when I went looking for “the tools I need,” I didn’t find them.

I tried a link for articles about PPC and got the dreaded “Page not found.” That was what I found funny last week. I figured Russell would have fixed his site so I tried again. I did get a page, but there wasn’t any information:

Okay so mistakes happen, but this page has been missing for over a week. A secret for Russell: Don’t link to internal pages that don’t have data. My amusement was furthered when I started clicking on some of the links at the bottom of the empty page.

We should let Russell in on another secret … your links need to go where the visitor expect them to go. Looking over the links at the bottom of the “page can’t be found” page, the links Articles Poscast Reviews Forum and Affiliates all link to the same nothing location ppc#. Links in the top nav bar don’t always go anywhere either. The more I check his site – the more wormy I think it is. I posted about that before. Slimy.

Dictionary.com “slim·y – offensively foul or vile.”

And while I’m at it, what is a Poscast” anyway?

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