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Experience Matters–Both in the Cost & Results of Your SEO

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Every digital marketer places a value on their work. And the price point of every digital marketer you talk to is built upon that value.

Web marketing proposals are built around an expectation of how much time the marketer(s) will invest in your campaign. Based on that expectation and the value the SEO believes they provide (usually as an amount per hour), a price for services is created.

A lot of businesses don’t want a cost-per-hour pricing structure because they feel like they’ll be nickeled and dimed for every little thing the digital marketer does. Just bear in mind that the absence of that figure doesn’t mean that time isn’t being recorded somewhere.

If your marketers find they are routinely blasting through the hour expectations used to create your proposal, you can be sure you’ll hear about it. They’ll either come back to you with a new price or a change in services provided.

When it comes to digital marketing–or anything really– the important thing is not the cost you’re paying, but the value you’re receiving for that cost.

As with most industries, those with more experience will charge more for the same services. Does that mean you’re getting a better result? Usually, yes, but not always. This is where you have to do some legwork to research the marketing company or consultant you are considering hiring.

Ultimately, you want to choose the marketer that will give you the best value for the cost. That may mean paying a higher cost. But with that, you have every right to expect more value.

Paying less for your digital marketing often means you get less from it. In the long run, that often ends up costing a lot more and causing a loss of valuable time.

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