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FedEx Rebrands it’s Kinko’s Stores to "Office"

FedEx Office LogoYesterday while I was running errands I stopped by the FedEx Kinko’s store. On the window was a large sign stating that “FedEx Kinko’s is now FedEx Office”.

Rebranding is tough. FedEx was smart in keeping the Kinko’s name when they bought them out. It made sense since Kinko’s already had an established brand that people recognized. But now FedEx is dropping the Kinko’s name for “Office?” I just don’t get that.

I could see several other variations that would make sense, The FedEx Store would be simplest and make the most sense. But adding the word “office” just makes me think of too many different things, none of which the FedEx stores are. They are not an Office Depot. They don’t sell software such as Microsoft Office.

So what exactly is FedEx Office? What does the name tell you? It doesn’t tell me that they are a print shop and shipping center. Of course, neither did Kinko’s, but they branded themselves well enough that when someone said, “I gotta run to Kinko’s” you know what they meant. Maybe FedEx assumes that what we think when we hear “Kinko’s” it will carry over to “Office”.

Personally, I would have gone for FedEx Office Center. I think that has a much better ring to it.

What do you think, is this good rebranding, or no?

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