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Final Lap: Good Web Marketing Reads for the Week Ending Oct. 18

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing ArticlesI came across the coolest infographic of all time while surfing the web this week. It has nothing to do with the world of web marketing, but everything to do with the world of sci-fi. Titled “All Sci-Fi Spaceships Known to Man,” it features almost every sci-fi spaceship. It is missing some early sci-fi crafts, due to images of them not being readily available, but it’s pretty awesome nonetheless.

The mother ship of all spacecrafts has to be the Serenity from Firefly. It’s a smuggler’s ship with all kinds of places to hide (great for alter-egos like myself), and it even looks like a firefly. Deb’s favorite is the Battlestar Galactica. Why you ask? If you’ve never seen a huge ship jump into a planet’s atmosphere, you’re in for a treat. Which sci-fi spaceship is your favorite?

All Sci-Fi Spaceships Known to Man

It’s a little small here, but you can view the original image to see all of the spaceships up close.

The rest of the pit crew has been doing some serious reading and web surfing this week and found these great articles to share with you:

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