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Four FireFox Extentions I Need Updated for FireFox 3

I’m rarely ever an early adopter, and FireFox 3 is no exception. I think the only time I ever got caught up into the early adoption craze was with the release of Windows 95. I bought it the day it came out… and didn’t even own a computer.

So when I heard that FireFox was trying to make a Guinness World Record for most software downloads in a 24-hour period I was about as excited as a chicken on Thanks giving day. In other words, it didn’t really matter to me.

But here we are almost a month after the big release and I honestly haven’t heard much about FF3. Granted I wasn’t much listening either. So I decided to download FF3 and see if I could go about my normal workday. Sad to say, I can’t.

I currently have 26 extensions installed. Of those 26 there are 10 that currently are not compatible with FF3. I don’t care about all of them, but there are a few…

Extensions I cannot live without

This bad boy backs up all my Firefox settings. This was unbelievably handy when I moved from using my laptop as my primary work computer to my four-monitor workstation. I just had to import my backed up settings and I was ready to fly, with all my extensions, tab settings, bookmarks and other customizations. Needless to say, I’m gonna need this on FF3 I’m I’m going to survive any kind of computer change or dehabilitating crash in the future.

Tab Mix Plus
It’s taken me a long time to get my tabs to work just the way I want them. If I type a new URL in the address bar or I click on a bookmark, a new tab is opened for me. This is incredibly handy as I hate it when my open pages get replaced with something else. More times than not, I want to keep what I have while exploring other things. Sure, I could click on the “new tab” icon but why, when I don’t have to. Well, if I use FF3 I do have to because Tab Mix Plus isn’t compatible with FF3. Sorry, but I’m not going to re-learn how to use tabs. I want it my way. Currently I’m streamlined for productivity and I’d like to keep it that way.

Note, there is a link to an updated version that is supposedly compatible, which I have not tried yet.

Word Count
I use this almost daily when writing blogs. I write and edit my blogs in WordPress so I can very quickly see how many words my would-be master piece is at at any given time. Yeah, I could live without this, if I started using Word to type out my blogs, but I don’t.

I use this a number of times a day when reviewing client and prospect sites. Usually it’s just for a real quick glance at their code markup, but it allows me to quickly and easily see what going on in certain places without having to sort through raw code. This is definitely a plugin I need.

Here are a few other extensions I have installed that I don’t really use. I can live without these but maybe some of you can’t:

  • ASK Toolbar for FireFox
  • Copy Plain Text
  • Del.iciou.us
  • Download Embedded
  • SEOpen
  • Twitbin

Thankfully I downloaded FF3 on my laptop which is mostly used for personal stuff, but also has most of my addons that I use on a daily basis for work. Looks like I won’t yet be downloading FireFox3 on my main desktop. At least not until the I get a few more of my must-have extensions fixed.

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