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Five Things You Probably Don't (Want to) Know About Me

It’s like a bad virus. If it goes around long enough, sooner or later you’re gonna catch it. The “it” in this case is a list of five things you probably don’t know about… fill in the blank. Jennifer Laycock got it and she gave it to me!

So here is my list of Five Things You Probably Don’t (Want to) Know About Me:

1. I once tried to put an SUV into the back of a U-Haul. It’s a long story but the short version is that my truck broke down on the long stretch of nowhere between Sacramento and Los Angeles. I had it towed to the nearest “town” which wasn’t much of one. The “mechanic” there couldn’t fix it so I had a friend come and pick me up so I could rent a U-Haul with a trailer to tow it back. I got the bright idea to put the SUV in the back of the U-Haul and put my friends car on the trailer so we could ride back together. Chaos ensued.

2. I once killed a cat with a baseball bat. It was unintentionally. Really. Sort of. The worst part of it is that it was once a family pet. The cat, when a kitten, got lost and found its way to our house. We took care of it until the rightful owners claimed it back about a week later. Fast forward a year and we have a problem with cats pooping in our back yard. We always chased them away with a bat. I guess because this one was familiar with us it didn’t run fast enough. Clocked it right on the head, gave out a scratchy moan and plopped over. I feel bad about it to this day.

3. I got pulled over by a cop when a friend was riding in the trunk. I had too many people in my car but since the back seats folded down to get access to the trunk sometimes friends would ride in the trunk while the others sat on the folded down seats. (Seat belts? What are those). One day when leaving the mall it was icy so I started doing donuts in the parking lot. I guess a cop was watching so he pulled me over and gave me a ticket for wreckless driving. He never knew about the guy in the trunk because the three friends in the back seat quickly lifted up the seatbacks to close the trunk entirely. The hard part was keeping him from laughing and getting me hauled off in cuffs.

4. I was once a youth pastor at an inner-city church. When I was in college I volunteered and eventually got hired as the youth pastor of what was considered an inner-city church in Seattle. If you know the city, the church was on Graham street between Rainier Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Way. While I worked there I was given free housing on the corner of MLK and Cherry street. Not the best of neighborhoods either. The church was very interracial, but predominantly Filipino.

5. I’m a sucker for fundraisers. I hate fundraisers. Really, I do. With five kids it seems like at least one of them is raising money for something or another. But what I’m a sucker for is when other people come to my door raising money for whatever the cause of the day is. Heck, Bill Gates could probably knock on my door with some sob story and I’d give him $10 bucks. It’s gotten so bad that my wife won’t even let me answer the door anymore because I just can’t say no to these people.

I was going to tag Igor but he beat me to it and tagged me first. I have not seen Dan Thies post five things yet so I’ll tag him along with Debra Mastaler, Ian McAnerin and Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg.

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