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Four Ebook Reviews

Which Sells Best? A Quick Start Guide to Testing for Retailers, by Bryan Eisenberg and Anthony Garcia

I’m a big fan of the Eisenberg’s and their site, Future Now. When I heard they had an ebook available on testing for ecommerce websites I jumped over immediately and purchased it. Best is essentially a 45-page ebook of various A/B tests performed on a number of websites. It’s not as detailed as their full books, but you can’t expect that from an ebook.

Within they provide a quick glimpse into the online sales process, outlining what one should and should not do in order to test for conversions. Best is a handy guide to the mind of the shopper vs. shopping experience and will undoubtedly be a continued reference as we probe for new ways to increase visitor conversions through testing.

Viral Copy, by Brian Clark

In Viral Copy Brian takes us through the most important elements for creating viral content on your blog. Everything from creating headlines to telling a story all the way down to linking out to others is fleshed out in this 30-page, easy-to-read manual. He provides four basic categories of viral content which can be used by just about anyone and then provides eleven ways to get links.

The PDF is free and can be read within a half hour. If you’re looking to beef up your viral marketing efforts there is no reason not to read Clark’sViral Copy.

Knock Knock: Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Building a Website that Works, by Seth Godin

This was probably the most fun of the four ebooks mentioned here in this post. Seth really knows how to tell a story and make it compelling. In actuality, this is a book about marketing a website rather than developing it.

Seth takes us through four simple steps: 1) buy traffic, 2) tell a story, 3) treat people differently and 4) test and measure. All four of these are crucial to having a website that is effective at achieving its goal. At 41 half-filled pages, this book can also be read in a single quick sitting but the value will last much much longer.

How to Increase Keyword Saturation (Without Destroying the Flow of Your Copy), by Karon Thackston

This is an older ebook, but don’t let that fool you into thinking its irrelevant. This was easily one of the better documents I’ve read on the subject of copywriting for keywords. Basically, this is a book (34 pages) on various strategies for keyword implementation. With each strategy, Karon provides actual examples as to how she has implemented them for her own clients.

When working with keywords we often forget that there are many ways to work words into copy. While most of this information is already well known, having all of these strategies in a single document makes this a great reference manual for getting not-so-easy-to implement keywords implemented into your copy.

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