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Guest Posting Isn’t Bad. Google Just Wants You To Think It Is.

Cutts Guest Post

Image Credit: Peter Levitan

It’s not guest posting that’s bad, it’s low quality guest posts that are. This shouldn’t really surprise us. For many, guest posting became just another tactic we do to manipulate search engine rankings. But any kind of manipulation solely designed to get rankings tends to stink up the web.

But guest posting can be and is a great way to build up your web presence. Oh, and get links too. But just be smart about it. Post only to sites you trust and post only quality content. If the site you’re posting on has a tendency to accept less than excellent content, take a pass. If your content is less than stellar, the site you’re posting to should take a pass.

It’s a simple as that. Keep the quality high and guest posting can be a viable way to build a stellar web presence.

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