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How Not to Do Link Emails

There is a right way and a wrong way to solicit link requests. This is the anatomy of the WRONG way….

Dear Sir,

My name is [name removed] and I invite you to take a short break from your work and visit my new site at http://www.xxxxx.com http://www.xxxxx.in, http://www.xxxxx.com , http://www.xxxxx.com, http://www.xxxxx.com http://www.xxxxx.com/ http://www.xxxxx.com http://www.xxxxx.com

OK, first of all this isn’t a short break. Gaurav wants me to check out not one new site, but eight of them. I don’t think so.

Enjoy it for a while!…Ok, that is enough! What do you think? If you like itand if it fits to your link collection, please get back to work and exchange links with my http://www.xxxxx.com http://www.xxxxx.com http://www.xxxxx.in http://www.xxxxx.com http://www.xxxxx.com http://www.xxxxx.com http://www.xxxxx.com/ http://www.xxxxx.com

Hmmm. Nice attempt at some humor, but it fails. Secondly, I don’t have a “link collection”. You won’t find such a thing on my site, so I know he didn’t visit. Had he visited he would have known that we gladly exchange great article content, but not just links.

Another annoying thing, all the URLs above were linked. Why duplicate them? Did he think I forgot?

Please add my link on your site and let me know where I can find it (send me also your site details so I can link back as soon as possible).
Or send me your site details and I will take the first step in the link exchange process (but for that, you have to send me also the URL of the page where you intend to place my link).

Our reciprocal link page are


Ug! Too many words, and more links! What are these instructions that I don’t understand?

If you agree with the link exchange I am proposing, please add the following details on your site:

Here is the site information for domainandspace.com:-

Title: Web Designers, 3dee technologies, ludhiana designing solutions seo
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URL: http://www.xxxxx.com
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ludhiana Punjab

Here is the site information for rajmetalbox.com:-

Title:- Raj Metal Box Manufacturers Exporters round rectangular metal tin cans containers for packaging, new delhi, india ludhiana punjab
URL:- http://www.xxxxx.com/
Description:- indian Tin cans manufacturing india, packers, pack, packaging Metal containers manufacturers exporters, spout closures, tin of hindustan, new delhi, round rectangular tin boxes ludhiana punjab.

Here is the site information for atamknitwears.com:-

Title:- sweaters, jackets, readymade ladies cardigans, Indian garments, t-shirts, tshirts manufacturers exporters ludhiana, punjab, india, ladies gents clothes
URL:- http://www.xxxxx.com
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Here is the site information for bansalspinning.com :-

Title: Bansal Spinning Mills India Ludhiana Punjab Yarn Manufacturers, exporters,importers dealers,Fancy worsted yarn woollen woolen wollen
URL: http://www.xxxxx.com
Description: bansal spinning mills is indian manufacturers exporters importers of spinning fabric, Yarn, Textile Agents, Thread, worsted yarn, woollen, silks, polyester, nylon india punjab.

Here is the site information for paramtools.com :-

Title:- Manufacturers exporters hand tools accessories india punjab, agriculture motor auto parts implements india, machine tools parts cnc turning from ludhiana punjab india
URL:- http://www.xxxxx.com/
Description:- param tools indian manufacturers exporters of hand tool india, machine tools parts, autoparts, motor, auto parts, agriculture implements, hand tools accessories punjab, ludhiana, india.

Here is the site information for plasticdies.in:-

Title:- Manufacturers exporters of Plastic Moulds, ludhiana India Punjab.
URL:- http://www.xxxxx.in
Description:- Manufacturers exporters of Plastic Moulds, dies, PVC, nylon, moulds, moulding, sports products, automobiles, car accessories, zigs, fixtures, ruuber, …

Here is the site information for bhagyajyotish.com:-

Title: Free Indian Astrology, Jyotish, Online Horoscope, Vedic Astrology Ludhiana Punjab India
URL: http://www.xxxxx.com
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Here is the site information for ludhianamart.com:-

Title:- Ludhiana Market Information Business Promotion, Online Yellow Pages, Web Directory – Website
URL:- http://www.xxxxx.com
Description:- Ludhiana business web directory information about manufacturers, indian exporters, business, india, punjab, ludhiana, textile, yarns, fabrics, exporters, importers, manufacturers, machine, tools, surgical, laboratory equipments, bulk drugs, Industrial, chemicals, auto parts, cycle parts, fasteners, ludhiana yellow pages, business pages,industry, industries, nanda marketing, hotels, hotel, restaurant, resorts, restaurants, tourist, business pages, yellowpages, yellow, pages, india

I will be waiting for your reply!
Kind regards,

[name removed]
Link Developer
[email protected]

This is way too much information for a first email. Seriously. This email is all about you. There is nothing here about why I should link to these sites. No reason is given why this would be beneficial to me or my visitors. This is the equivalent of someone standing on the road with a megaphone demanding that I care about their cause. Guess what? I don’t. Now, if you want to give me a reason to care, and even better, find out more about me so you know why I should care, well then, maybe you’ll have a chance at convincing me.

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