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How NOT to Write a Link Request Email

I received the following link request email and laughed. What does this person hope to get out of this? Did I sign up for an email joke of the day?
Email Verbatim:

Hello Sir,

Recently I have visited your good site and found it very impressive, So I would like to a link partnership with your site. please add my following link information to your related site.
An additional link would help both you and us to get more traffic.

Title :Website Promotion Services
URL: http://www.online-promotion-services.com
Description: SEO Packages India,Website Promotion Services,Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Services India,Link Building Services

Once when my link approved and visible online than please inform me as soon as possible so that I can make your
link on my site within 24 hours. Waiting for a instant reply from yourside. or If you are interested for reciprocal link exchange, feel free to contact me.

Thanks & Regards,


Wow! For our first interaction he is asking for me to drop everything I am doing, link him on my site, then inform him asap of the link. Also, to find my email address he would have had to see the I am not a Sir. He obviously did his “research,” um, no. This automatically turns me off to him and his company. The website he wants me to happily link to is technically a competitor. We have the same type of services if you don’t count quality and performance.

Remember you are interrupting someones day and taking time away from their more important then you tasks. Keep it to the point, make it useful for them to read and tell them what you like about their site. Telling someone their site is impressive is an empty compliment, why is it impressive? 50 Tips to Maximize Email Marketing is a good reference to see how to start a permission based email campaign which is more effective then email spam. It also includes tips on ways to improve your email marketing if it is not permission based.

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