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How to Create Printer Friendly Pages Without Creating Duplicate Content

printerJust about any kind of site can benefit from creating printer friendly pages. While the internet provides us a great way to save the trees, there are many people out there that still feel more comfortable reading from the printed page. Personally, for any article of length I like to print it out so I can read it when away from my computer screen. But there are other reasons for printing out information, such as sharing it with the higher-ups, or providing an easy way to compare products from different websites.

So no matter how hard we try to go paperless, there will always be a reason to print, which means creating a printer friendly version of your web pages can be very beneficial to your visitors. There are a couple of ways to create printer friendly pages. Both are equally valid, but the first way we’ll discuss below creates duplicate content that, if not handled properly, can effect your site’s performance with the search engines.

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