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How to Find a Good Leader

Finding good leaders, I mean the really good leaders, is not easy. John Maxwell, in his book Developing the Leaders Around You gives us a few pointers on what to look for when looking for a good leader.

Positiveness: The ability to work with and see people and situations in a positive way.

Servanthood: The willingness to submit, play team ball, and follow the leader.

Growth Potential: A hunger for personal growth and development; the ability to keep growing as the job expands.

Follow-Through: The determination to get the job done completely and with consistency.

Loyalty: The willingness to always put the leader and the organization above personal desires.

Resiliency: The ability to bounce back when problems arise.

Integrity: Trustworthiness and solid character; consistent words and walk.

“Big Picture” Mind-Set: The ability to see the whole organization and all of its needs.

Discipline: The willingness to do what is required regardless of personal mood.

Gratitude: An attitude of thankfulness that becomes a way of life.

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