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How to Find the Burning Questions Your Customers Need Answered

find customer questions
In a word: Keyword Research

Okay, so that’s two words. But they are two very powerful words.

Forget about social media, and sites such as Quora and Clarity. These are great places to find questions to be answered, but are also too obvious. And frankly, sometimes a bit too easy.

We often forget that people still ask questions to search engines. And those questions present an opportunity for you to provide the answer.

These question phrases tend to get ignored due to low search volume. SEOs often spend their time on the money phrases. But when it comes to blogging, keyword research can provide a wealth of material for your blog.

So instead of only scouring social media for topics to blog about, go to your favorite keyword research tool, and mine for gold there.

How to get questions from keyword research

  • Login to your favorite keyword research tool.

  • Perform a search for one of your key topics.

  • Narrow results to include one of the following: how, why, what.

  • Then do it again for the other two question qualifiers.

  • Repeat with a new topic.

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