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How to Tank Your Business, Step 1: Frustrating Navigation

frustrating website navigation

Business success is tough. If you’ve had enough of the struggle, there are a number of sure-fire digital marketing strategies to tank your business. Take for instance your website navigation.  Nothing says, “Get the hell off my site” like a navigation that wreaks havoc on the well-intentioned shopper. There is no wrong way to screw up your navigation, but here are some sure-fire tips to try:

  1. Hide your products or services. It’s common for websites to just lump everything under a link that says “products” or “services.” Failure level of this is pretty small, but it’s just irritating enough to make visitors think twice about sticking around.
  2. Create a Mega Menu: Not sure what to put in your navigation? Just throw everything in there and make it a (not so) fun hide-and-seek game. After all, why should you have to do all the work in helping visitors find what they need?
  3. Use Vague Navigational Categories: Ah, another super fun game for your visitors. Use navigational categories that don’t provide any real meaning to the shopper and see if they can figure out what it’s about. If you can throw in some industry-specific jargon, even better. The more complicated, the better!

Do these things and you’ll have them headed for the exit quicker than you can say “bankruptcy!” Or if you’re one of the crazy ones who are hell-bent on success, try doing the opposite. 😉

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