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Say No to HTML Tables and Yes to CSS

HTML Tables

Are you still using HTML tables to format your content layout on your website? Yeah, me too, and I hate myself for it. Truth is, I’m just too lazy to learn proper CSS. So, in a pinch, I just create a quick HTML table when necessary.

The problem with positioning text this way is that HTML code produces a lot of bloat. Sure a small table here and there isn’t going to kill you, but in SEO, every second counts. If your page is a millisecond slower than a competing page of equal value, guess which one will get a higher ranking? Like any race, milliseconds count.

So what’s the alternative? Learn CSS! It’s really not that difficult. In fact, the hardest part is learning how to code the content in the table without the visualization that tables allow. That’s where I get tripped up. Of course, the easier method is to pay someone to do your coding for you!

If your website is built on a table framework, it’s definitely time to upgrade to a new site. [Tweet This] If you’re using tables to format your text, it’s time to start leaning toward the CSS alternative.

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