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I Love AdWords Editor

Why I love the AdWords Editor today:

For anyone who has never used, or doesn’t appreciate the glorious wonder of the Google AdWords Editor, this post is for you. And in case you really don’t know anything about the Editor, it is a downloadable software program that enables you to create and/or edit campaigns, ad groups, ads (of all kinds) and keywords. When you’ve made your changes, you upload them to your AdWords account.

Here is why I love the AdWords Editor: I have two ads, one landing page. I want the same two ads duplicated twice, to test two different landing pages. Multi-variant testing at its best.

Creating new ads within AdWords has always been a pain. Not a life altering pain, but a pain none-the-less. When you want to create duplicates for each of two ads, you have many steps to go through. Click “new ad” and then type or copy paste in the text from ad A, making sure you change the destination URL, and save. Then do it again, but remember to change to the 3rd URL. Then do the same for ad B, making sure you change the destination URL, and save. Then do it again, but remember to change to a different URL. I’m confused just typing out the instructions.

Call me lazy but I just don’t like having to retype or copy/paste the same ad text again and again. I’m likely to make a mistake. It isn’t that big of a deal, but I prefer copy/pasting new ads with AdWords Editor. You can select more than one ad at a time … Ctrl C to copy, Ctrl V to paste, and voila! (total coincidence that paste is the V in voila!). With two keystrokes, I now have 4 ads … Ctrl V again, and (voila!) there are now 6 ads. Now all you have to do is change the destination URL to the first two duplicates, change the destination to the 2nd two duplicates, and (say it with me now) VOILA! you’re done.

Time saved

What might have taken 20 minutes to do from within AdWords, is accomplished in under 60 seconds in the Editor. And they all go active at precisely the same moment when you upload your changes. THAT is why I love the AdWords Editor. At least for today. Tomorrow is another day though, and I’m sure I’ll have yet another reason to love it all over again. (have you tried drag/dropping the keywords or ads from one ad group to another??!! — totally awesome time saver!) As much as I love the Editor, there are two features I wish for … Speel Cheque and Reporting. And it seems I am not alone in wishing for reporting tools Check out wish list … but as tomorrow is another day, maybe they’re in the process of developing these tools just for me. (if this is the case, I promise to share with anyone who asks nicely!)

What do you love, and will you share with me?

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