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If You Could Be…

Today I turn 34. I probably would have taken the day off except I have to be in court tomorrow for a traffic ticket and I’ll be going on vacation in a couple of weeks so I feel that my presence is desired here in the office. Though I have to say that my work-focus today won’t be it’s usual 100% as I demand an onslaught of praise and affection from all of my team members.

As I inch toward the inevitable mid-life crisis I thought it would be fun to ask some life-altering questions. Please, feel free to contribute your answers in the comments below…

If you could be any of the following, what would you be, and why?

Jack Bauer …any TV/movie character?
Jack Bauer. Sure, Jack’s problems are BIG, but no matter how bad things get, it’s always over within 24 hours.
Tumbler …any superhero?
Batman. He’s runs a billion dollar company and owns some of the coolest toys on the planet. And he apparently doesn’t need much sleep, which gives him more time to play with his toys!
…any (real) person other than yourself?
Ben Bernanke. Truly the most powerful person in the country.
Ogre …living in any country other than your own?
New Zealand. Beautiful, warm, and I can always find side work as a movie extra!
Bon Jovi …any musician?
Jon Bon Jovi. ‘Cmon… who wouldn’t? 100,000,000 Bon Jove fans can’t be wrong, can they?
Ghostbusters …given any wish?
Require less sleep. That would give me more time to read, learn, earn, and watch movies, and do other things I enjoy.
Hulk …different in any way?
Less abrasive and more patient. I have little tolerance for small annoyances, which is, well, a personal annoyance.

And what about you?

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