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SEO Red Flag: Logos for Irrelevant Search Engines

Logos for Irrelevant Search Engines are a major SEO red flag.

Have you ever been shopping around for an SEO and come across a site that shows the logos of all the search engines they’ll get your ranked on? You’ve seen them: logos for Google and Yahoo, MSN, HotBot, Lycos and others. You recognize some and others seem vaguely familiar.

The reason those are only vaguely familiar is because most of those logos are for irrelevant search engines. MSN? Today we call that Bing.

I have no problem with SEOs showing logos of search engines. The problem is when they show logos that are irrelevant to your success. They are there simply to make you think this SEO is going to have all your bases covered. Instead, it shows their ignorance of all things web marketing related.

That’s not to say that Google is the only search engine that matters, but even the next closest search engine, Bing, gets roughly 20% of search share. With Google bringing in roughly 60%, that leaves very little for the other dozens of search engines to share.

If your SEO brags about targeting irrelevant search engines, they they are also likely to brag about the top rankings they get you on those engines. Unfortunately for you, you won’t be getting any true value from it.

But the SEO got bragging rights! How much should that cost you?

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