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It Never Hurts to Spell Check Before Going to Print

Several months ago I bought an auto lock that attaches to the brake pedal of my ’66 Dodge Charger. The idea is that if someone were to attempt to steal the car they couldn’t push the brake in order to stop the vehicle. To assist in the theft prevention department they give you a cool steering wheel cover to inform would-be thieves that they might as well just move on.

I had been using this for about a month before I noticed some of it was written in Spanish.


OK, so it’s not Spanish, just a typo. “Attacheo” looks like a Spanish word at a glance! It made me chuckle (while also inspiring this post.) But even funnier is the other obviously misspelled word that I didn’t notice until I started writing this post… the auto lock is “unbrak eable”.

It’s always a good idea to have a few layers of spell check and proof reading before going to print.

Stoney G deGeyter

Stoney deGeyter is the author of The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period!. He is the founder and CEO of Pole Position Marketing, a web presence optimization firm whose pit crew has been velocitizing websites since 1998. In his free time Stoney gets involved in community services and ministries with his “bride enjoy” and his children. Read Stoney’s full bio.

2 Responses to It Never Hurts to Spell Check Before Going to Print

  1. Diana Adams says:

    And this is precisely why we go through so many levels of proofing our client web documents before we host them live.

    The human eye over looks all kinds of things, especially the writer. When editing my own stuff I cut/paste drag/drop so often I often miss things.


    (I recently signed off on an email to friends as Do instead of Di … and they love giving me grief for it:

    Thanks, Do! (hee hee) ~Su (sometimes known as Du)
    or DE or sometime Dy –

    I’m glad these people are my friends. [and Su is the correct spelling of her name])

  2. GuyNY says:

    I thought this was funny too. My gf and I noticed that right away though me being a copy-editor and her a proof-reader (which is her job to correct things like this) .. we got a big laugh and until this day, pronounce those words as they are spelled on there in our everyday conversations.