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Jason’s SEO Wish List

While it is tradition to address one’s Holiday wish list to the Big Elf, I’m going to, take a more direct and practical approach; attempting to appeal to the Search Giants themselves. Hopefully they, like their users, are also subject to the “spirit of giving”.

Jason’s SEO Wishlist

To The Spirit of Search Engines Past (Yahoo!)

  • I want to see Yahoo! Answers in organic search results.
  • How about some cool webmaster tools in Site Explorer?
  • I want to see more valid video files in Yahoo! Videos and less trick advertisements posing as videos.

To The Spirit(s) of Search Engines Present (Google – MSN)

  • How about up-to-the-minute Query Stats in Webmaster Tools?
  • A real-time search viewer for Google that lets you see what people are searching for all over the world. Especially if you could narrow your results by region, topic, etc.
  • I would like to see MSN go open source with their sorting algorithm (like MozDex), then maybe they could get some much needed “outside of the box” input.

To The Spirit(s) of Search Engines Future (Ask – Google)

  • I would like to see Ask offer some webmaster tools with integrated analytics.
  • Legitimate SEO’s are setting the pace and focus for the industry by providing truly valuable services which improve not only visibility and visitor conversion but also user experience. It’s time for Google to officially recognize this fact and implement programs that allows SEO’s and Google to work together to improve the searcher experience.
  • Google Certified Search Professional?

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