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Keyword Research Has Been Defined

About a month ago Stoney came to me to discuss a writing project he was working on. The project was to develop a keyword research handbook that was truly definitive. He asked me to organize the material he had and possibly contribute some of my own. At first I figured that we would be putting together an SEO tutorial on basic keyword research. Introductory level information is generally the norm within the industry, especially for publicly available works.

As I was working my way through a first read-through I quickly realized that Stoney was doing something different here. This was not another seo intro or cursory treatment. Stoney was discussing the real-deal nuts-n-bolts of advanced keyword research. The systems that he has perfected over the years and uses himself. Real SEO info!

I began editing the rough document and adding my own contributions and notes to Stoney’s very practical and functional approach to keyword research. Generally, I tend towards the technical aspects of SEO: underlying mathematics, IR, library science, etc. This often works out to be a nice fit as Stoney’s practical approach to SEO very much compliments my own and vice-versa. The Keyword Research Guide was no exception and I am fortunate to have been able to contribute some of my own best practices and personal keyword research techniques to this great treatment of the subject.

The final product is a completely original and uniquely functional guide to professional keyword research as only a seasoned search optimization professional could produce.

Whether you are an SEO novice; still wet behind the ears, or a decorated veteran of the search wars:
Read this Keyword Research Guide…
Because its time to upgrade your skills.

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