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How Keyword Research Helps You Read Customers’ Minds

read customers' minds

Just about every business has a handle on their own industry lingo. You know what your products and services are called, how they are referenced, and the quirky language used to refer to what they do. But in all that knowledge, many businesses fail in translating their lingo into the searcher’s lingo.

It’s often called “The Curse of Knowledge.”

What Problem Does Your Product Solve?

There can be a vast difference between what something is called to someone who is familiar with a product or service and what it’s called to someone who’s not. In fact, many searchers will search not so much for the product name, but for what the product does or the problem it solves.

I’m sure you’re already familiar with the pain points that your audience has, which is why you sell the product to begin with. But there is probably a 100:1 chance that your product solves at least one problem that you hadn’t even though of. I mean, I’m sure the makers of Windex didn’t know it was a cure for, well, everything.

To be honest, there are probably a dozen or more problems your product or service solves that haven’t even been part of your company’s collective consciousness. Which is why, if you want to market to these solution seekers, you need to read their minds. And keyword research is just the right mind-reading tool you need.

Digging Into Keyword Research

When you dig into keyword research data, you’re finding actual phrases people use when searching for your product or service. And even more interesting, you can see how frequently people actually search for each varied phrase. Put them all together and you begin to see a whole new untapped market appear before your eyes.

But don’t just stop with searches that pertain to what you currently offer. Look for your next big product or service idea. A deeper dig into keyword research will reveal problems that searchers have that are in need of a solution.

Maybe someone already provides that solution and you can do it better. Or maybe the field is wide open and you can be first to market! Either way, you’re finding new ways to expand your reach, which is every business’s business.

Be a Mind Reader

You may be doing great selling your product or service based on the terminology you’re already familiar with. But it’s time to break outside those familiar walls and do a little digging you’re your customer’s minds. When you only use your known industry lingo, you miss the opportunity to meet the needs (let alone get the attention of) the rest of the world that is in need of your solutions. Why? Because you are selling based on your own understanding of what you do, not theirs.

Keyword research will let you see into the minds of your wannabe customers. With that insight you can then write content that better meets their specific pain points. Which will sell more product to more people. A little insight goes a long, long way.


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