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Keyword Research: Understanding Your Audience

As you whittle down your raw data keyword list it is important to get into the mind of your audience as much as possible. As you do this, you’ll often find that many keywords or phrases have multiple meanings. Phrases that you might use within your industry may not be the phrases the layman uses. In your research you must determine the particular meaning of a phrase as it’s used by the common searcher.

Let’s consider some generic phrases and then see how those phrases might be better targeted:


  • Baby clothes
  • Summer clothes
  • Winter clothes
  • Outdoor clothes
  • Sports clothes
  • Women’s clothes
  • Men’s clothes
  • Girls pink shorts
  • Men’s business suit


  • New car
  • Used car
  • Cincinnati Ford
  • Mazda SUV
  • Used 2003 Yukon Reno


  • Mp3 Player
  • Ipod
  • DirecTv DVR TiVo
  • Multi-disc region 2 DVD Player
  • 60” Sony Plasma TV


  • Duracell batteries
  • Cell phone battery
  • Rechargeable AAA batteries
  • 2004 Suzuki DRZ 400 motorcycle battery

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