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Who’s Kicking Your Tail?

When was the last time you ran a search for your own, or your company name on Google? If you’re interested in how you rank amongst your peers, you might find it interesting to check it out. Do you monitor your reputation?

Searching a name as uncommon as Stoney deGeyter, you may not be surprised to find him in all of the top ten results, but each and every one of the top one hundred results are either articles Stoney has written himself or are about him. I stopped checking after page 10.

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When searching for Pole Position Marketing (no quotes), the top 21 are all directly related to the company, with the results still very heavily relevant but starting to get more scattered after that.

If you don’t have a unique personal or company name, what can you do to promote your company in the search results? Join and become active in a variety of social media. Great examples are LinkedIn , FaceBook, and Twitter.

And when you’re interested in knowing what anyone else is saying about you or your company, you can use Google Alerts. It may be good to know when a YouTube video appears with you as the underdog!

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