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Leading Your Team: Believe in Them

There is no greater boss than one who believes in his team members. Sometimes that’s harder said than done! After all, the boss got where they are because the know more and/or are better at the job than everybody else, right? Sometimes, this is true, and in these cases it becomes especially difficult to have confidence in the people below.

Understand that team members are all going to make mistakes and there will be a learning process involved. If they already knew everything they’d have the boss’ job. Leading your team means not only helping your team members through the learning process, but encouraging them along the way and believing that not only can they do their job effectively and proficiently, but that they will someday do that job better than you. Believing that they can and verbally encouraging them in this way will strengthen your team, increase productivity, but also establish a loyalty that will bring far greater success than you ever imagined.

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