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Link Building Is Only ONE Aspect of Web Marketing

link building's importance

Just a couple years ago link building was a huge part of most web marketing campaigns. In fact, for many web marketers, link building was probably well over half of the total budget and focus.

You don’t see that so much these days, but that doesn’t mean link building is any less valuable. In fact, links continue to be an important part of a successful web marketing campaign.

What’s changed, however, is the way in which we go about getting links. The old approaches rarely works, and most web marketers have shifted from link building to social media presence building. That’s because using social media to build links does more than build links, it builds customers through branding and engagement.

If you are still doing old-school link building, you’re not not doing anything wrong. Those links have value, too. But they will only get you so far. Search engines look for much more than links. ¬†They are looking for audience participation and value. Links themselves provide a small amount of that signal, but certainly not all of it.

Keep building links, but focus more on building brand and customer experience. [Tweet This]

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