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Linked Articles: Improved Linking Strategies

Decreasing Link Values

Being on the forefront of search engine optimization strategies is never easy. It requires staying ahead of the search engines in order to provide increased relevancy for our clients in a world of constantly changing search engine algorithms. I’m a firm believer in optimizing via common sense techniques rather than mathematical optimization based on “algorithm chasing”. Those who optimize solely on algorithms find that what works today doesn’t work tomorrow when the algorithm changes. Those of us who optimize using common sense techniques still have to adapt to ongoing algorithm changes, as search engines push for increased relevance, however, the adjustments that have to be made are not as radical as those of the algorithm chasers.

One of the biggest algorithm changes of the not-so-distant past was search engines utilizing incoming links to a site as a measure of its relevancy. Link popularity is now a significant portion of Google’s overall measure in determining how a site ranks for keyword searches. The result of this change in algorithm has created a increased need for inbound links and began the age of “link swaps” where site owners or optimizers actively seek out other sites in which to exchange links between their two sites.

Of course, Google and other search engines are actively trying to combat artificial link manipulation, and are even now turning the screws to devalue blatant link spam. While the algorithm chasers will begin looking for more ways to fool the engines into believing their links are more relevant, quality SEOs will need to adapt to a more common-sense approach that is free of the tightening screws of link relevancy.

I believe “linked articles” are the spam-free solution to obtain quality links and build your site’s overall relevancy.

Linked Articles

Lets take a look at the inherent problems within link pages:

* Little or no relevant content on the page
* Shared “link value” with every other link on the page
* Easily devalued pages in the algorithmic equations
* Provides no real traffic benefit

What do linked articles offer that link pages don’t:

* Provides precisely what search engines favor: useful, relevant and unique content.
* No shared link value. The link to your site is the ONLY external link on the page
* Provides excellent traffic potential as viewers read through the relevant content and ‘click thru’

I’ll be the first to admit that this concept is nothing new, a quick search will show you hundreds, if not thousands, of web sites that allow you to submit articles. I strongly recommend this approach to broaden your online marketing campaign. Linked articles put a little twist on this concept to combine quality content with link swapping as a means to develop relevant link popularity.

If the linked articles are integrated properly into yours and the linked site the benefit for both sites is exponential. Not only do you get quality content to help build your site into an industry”authority” but you also get the value of a quality link back to your site from another valuable content page. I call this a win-win-win situation; you win, the linked site wins, and the search engines win!

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