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Living Signs… Dangerous Advertising?

living sign
So you’re coming up on an intersection, then something brightly colored and moving catches your eye. At first you’re like, “what the heck is that”, then you realize it’s another one of those people moving around all crazy-like with a promotional sign pointing you in a certain direction or reminding you of a promotion nearby. I’ve seen these all over the Reno/Sparks area, especially on the weekends. They definitely do get attention, and are perhaps quite effective in making drive-byers aware of whatever it is they have to advertise. It’s almost impossible to ignore the message, thus mission accomplished in getting into peoples’ heads.

However I have a major concern. Is this type of advertising safe? Shouldn’t drivers be paying attention to the road instead some teenager dancing around with a sign? I can just visualize someone talking on their cell phone, lighting a cigarette, and staring at a live sign all at once while cruising through a busy intersection… a formula for disaster in my opinion.

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