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How to Move to a New Domain With Minimal Ranking Loss and Downtime

Moving your site to a new domain is remarkably similar to moving to a new physical address. In some cases it’s much easier, you don’t have to pack up, or load or unload a U-Haul truck, but there are other considerations that you have to take into account to make sure your visitors continue to find you after an online move. One of the primary areas of concern is making sure the search engines not only continue to deliver traffic to your new location, but you don’t lose all your search engine rankings in the process.

No matter what, moving is always a pain. Every time I’ve moved in my life I’ve vowed never to do it again. But sometimes external forces prevail and we find ourself gearing up for another change of address. Whether that’s a physical move or a digital one, there are several steps you need to take to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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