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Mini Quarantine Kit… A Different Approach to Print Advertising

So I’m thumbing through my latest issue of ESPN the magazine, when I couldn’t help but notice the thick paper of a Mini Cooper ad labeled “Mini Quarantine Kit”. Quarantine kit? What the heck is that? Mission already accomplished, it got my attention and had me puzzled, wanting to make sense of it. I read on to discover that they’re promoting the two week long 2006 Mini Trans American Motortastic road trip. Sounds like a great and fun idea for Mini owners, but how is everyone gonna get that sorta time off of work with such short notice? Hence the basis for the quarantine kit, “who needs vacation days when you’ve got sick days?” Included within the ad is a Mini quarantine letter to your boss explaining your absence under such grave circumstances; a Mini quarantine sticker to place on your office door to prevent further contamination; and Mini quarantine instructions. This marketing is brilliant, and I found it fun to read the ad, therefore making an imprint into my accessible memory… nicely done.

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