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My Radio Debut

On Friday I gave an interview with Global Talk Radio. I recently was interviewed by an online/print journalist but this was my first for radio broadcast, and I found both strikingly different. The print interview allowed me the freedom to clarify my remarks, and often times refine them into something remotely quotable. On the other hand, even though the radio interview was taped for later broadcast, the Q and A was “live” without room for (much) editing.

Some of the questions were loaded (not in a bad way) and really left me plenty of room to ramble, which I tried hard NOT to do. After listening to the interview I feel it came off pretty darn good and I sufficiently answered all the questions. Minus a few verbal mistakes I think I’m very happy with the end result.

I did, however, manage to mangle one of the most important questions. When I was asked how people can contact us I didn’t know our 800 off the top of my head and I had to pull open a blank email to read it from my signature. Fortunately, that was the one part of the interview that was edited before broadcasting so I came off like a pro.

Immediately following the interview I realized that some people may have a hard time knowing what kind of “pole” to type in when trying to reach www.polepositionmarketing.com. I immediately registered and redirected three new domains: pollpositionmarketing.com, pullpositionmarketing.com, and just for good measure, polpositionmarketing.com. I think that covers most of the bases.

If you click on the ‘interview’ link above you’ll find that I was the last of three interviews. Unless you wish to listen to the whole podcast you can forward through the multiple interviews and intros to get to mine. It is my understanding that the interview will be available at that location for 30 days.

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