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Optimizing for Maximum Search Engine Performance (aka SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, once its own “entity,” for lack of a better word, is now considered to be a part of a larger grouping known as search engine marketing. Many commonly practiced SEO techniques bleed into the realm of search marketing but in its strictest form, search engine optimization is really just about getting a site to display at the top of the natural search engine rankings.

The primary downfall of search engine optimization, in its true form, is that while rankings are the primary goal, traffic and conversions are not. A SEO only firm will consider your campaign a success once top search engine rankings are achieved for whatever keywords or phrases that were chosen. If those keywords do not deliver traffic or the site itself fails to convert visitors into paying customers, this is not the SEOs problem.

Effective search engine optimization must be joined with other, more traditional, marketing aspects such as usability, ROI and conversion tracking and overall site improvements.

Over the next several months I will be posting a series of articles on the topic of search engine optimization with a series of sub-topics that will take us through the entire optimization process. Search for all articles on this series: Optimizing for Maximum Search Engine Performance

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