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Our First PAID REVIEW: Wordze Keyword Research Tool

[A note from Stoney: I signed up for a Review Me account not long after they opened their doors. Since then I sat idle by as the debate about paid posts raged on in the SEO. It didn’t matter much to me because no one ever attempted to slip me a bill in order to say anything about them, much less something good. That is until now.

Since Rob had a keyword research task on his plate I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for him to try out Wordze. And since he was testing it out, he might as well provide a write up as well. Rob knows we are getting paid for this but he made sure that he didn’t have to write a puff-piece. I told him to just write the truth. It’s not like he’s getting paid for the review!]


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Wordze keyword research tool has a very easy to use interface. The program offers users numerous tools:

  • Keyword research tool
  • Keyword historical data
  • Learn how to make the top 10
  • Import existing keywords
  • Dig into search engines to see what people are optimizing for
  • Download weekly or monthly search history reports
  • Download saved results from keyword research
  • Keyword filter
  • Roll your own script to work with their API
  • Check a site’s keyword density
  • Watch help videos
  • Common misspellings tool
  • Thesaurus tool

Keyword Research

The keyword research tool gives users a few options to filter results. You can filter adult, drugs, gambling, warez & hacks, all, or none. In addition, you can change the results per page and the search style (exact match, broad match, etc.)

The keyword research tool yielded results very quickly. I’ve used a couple different keyword research tools and Wordze was by far the quickest.

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For the keyword “search engine optimization”, nearly 2300 results were found. Wordze gives users the keyword count and estimated count. According to the site, “the count column is what Wordze has seen from Internet Services Providers in the last day, or 30 days, depending on the tool.” The site states, “the estimated column is a cross calculation from Internet Portals. Around every 30 days, Wordze will evaluate its estimated traffic by reviewing top ranking sites and/or by us manually running PPC campaigns for keywords in various markets for a better estimate on over all traffic.” In addition, the tool gives users an option to see the keyword’s traffic history, market competition, and a keyword effectiveness index (KEI).

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After you choose your keywords, you can download the list as an Excel file or a text file. This makes compiling your potential keywords much more manageable by using Excel’s built-in sort functions.


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The historical keyword data tool is a very useful tool to see the search trend for a keyword. This could be extremely beneficial for e-commerce sites as certain items are season specific (e.g. wedding rings, Christmas presents). The tool shows users the growth rate or decline of the keyword, as well as the estimated search count. This tool seems quite useful to use if you want to see where your keywords are on the product life cycle (PLC).

Research Keyword Market Competition

I found the market competition tool to be useful in learning unique data from keyword competitors. The interface is somewhat similar to Google Analytics in that users have the option to view demographic information.

I searched for the keyword “search engine marketing” and the tool yielded the top 10 competitors for that phrase. I was impressed with how quickly the tool retrieved information such as links per month, total number of links, and page rank.

This tool also seems useful to try and figure out exactly how these sites are ranking so well. It can help users pinpoint potential problems with their own site in order to gain rankings.

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Other Useful Tools

Wordze offers other useful tools to aid keyword research. I found the thesaurus tool quite beneficial as it was able to find many related words to the keyword “hockey”. For example, the results yielded the words ice, sticks, goalie, players, etc. This can be a good way of checking to see if there are keywords you may have missed during research.

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Another useful tool is the typo tool. This tool shows common misspellings for words. For the example “optimization”, the results yielded a few results. The highest counted result was “optimisation” with an estimated count of 25,730.

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Overall, my experience with Wordze has been very good. The program has a very intuitive interface and offers various tools that will aid keyword research.

The software gave results extremely quickly compared to most other keyword research program. In addition, Wordze offered estimated counts of the keywords you are researching, saving time and energy. I am still an avid user of WordTracker and still prefer to use it as my keyword research tool. However, I would recommend giving the Wordze software a try. Wordze has a very simple learning curve, and can help you learn more about your keywords and main keyword competitors.

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