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Overture is DEAD!

Last month I blogged about Overture being renamed to Yahoo Search Marketing Solutions. It officially looks as if the Overture brand name is dead. Go to http://www.overture.com and you get redirected to this page telling us that “Overture products are now Yahoo! Search Marketing products.

The redirect is a temporary 302, but I have no reason to believe this is not a permanent name change. Most likely the 302 will stay in place for a while and then a permanent 301 will be implemented to direct people directly to the Yahoo! Search Marketing page.

Not only is Yahoo! Search Marketing the new home for the former Overture paid ads, but it also appears to be the new home for the Yahoo! Directory, now Yahoo! Search Directory. The directory submit page only has three pages of info: main page, “pricing” and “request info”. At the moment, several of the links are broken, including the “Get Started” link.

With the new change, I’m surprised that just last week I received two Overture mailers promoting their PPC campaigns. Must have had some extras printed up and just wanted to get them used.

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